Wheels, Candy Dates, Patches

Had the turbo-pukes Friday night. Stood up and thought, Huh. I think my body wants to purge everything it has eaten this week. And it did. To be honest, the volcanic interlude was actually a really welcome little reminder to slow this lady down. This last week, our whole crew was pretty hardcore. I mean, even Little Man was showing signs of chronic fatigue. Oh wait...multiple naps are still his normal. Right. So anyway, last week was tuff stuff. With our beloved Green Bus on its last wheels, we stubborn Honda-philes are just in denial that ol' Greenie is begging to be euthanised but we just keep resuscitating the old girl. What all that amounts to is that Greenie is living at the car repair shop while our tax return that we haven't even processed has already been spent...and...we now either take the double stroller to all parts of our neighborhood, including the pockets that are ONLY vacant lots masquerading as car repair establishments, or we take Zipcar if a speedier set of wheels is required. If you want to know the definition of irony, it's my straight-edge Loverpants scoring the Zipcar that reeked so bad of weed that he was fearful of getting pulled over for an OUI. But we thought driving high is the new black, right, Officer? What've you been up to all weekend and what will you do with your day off tomorrow if you have one?





A good turbaned woman is hard to find




I smuggled Baby Girl into her room when I was still feeling under the weather and gave her strict orders to ask her daddy if he would take her on a Candy Date. Evidently I am a skilled puppeteer with my toddler and subsequently of my husband because in about an hour, these two were suiting up and heading out for a train ride and a trip to the mall where I heard there were french fries, smoothies, yum tasty salads, and a trip to the candy shoppe to boot.





The only thing I accomplished this weekend thus far is applying these pretty appliques that I ordered from here. I know that puff paint went out with the NKOTB oversized T-shirts tied in a knot around the waist, but I'm not a skilled seamstress and the directions said it was an acceptable alternative :) My kids are such whirling dervishes. They stain everything they own, so I feel these were a sound investment. Cute, hey?