Winnah Winnah!

This might be the most amazing thing to happen to me in 2011. So I'm going to crow about it.


I won something!

And it's something I TOTALLY wanted without even knowing I wanted it.  Because, ya know, it wasn't even in the realm of possibility of owning it.  So I just put that nonsense on the "Mayhaps, Someday" list of impossibility.

A few weeks ago, I peeked into a store at Derby St. shops in Hingham, MA, and I gasped at the mere sight of their wares.  It was as though I had conjured up a dream home full of robust color AND SOMEONE HAD STOLEN THAT DREAM RIGHT OUT MY HEAD and built a whole store around it!

Then, I noticed that my friend Miracle had won a rug of her choice through a contest the shop was sponsoring on their blog. I was so excited for her and so moved by her response that I began to think about what colorful living meant to me.  I know that sounds positively cheesy, but color has always really ruled my life.  My favorite accessory in high school was a cerulean lunchbox with silver glitter accents.  I chose which college I was going to attend based on a pair of purple sweatpants.  I have spent hours rocking my babies and staring at the pumpkin walls of our nursery.  I am utterly entranced by beautiful colors.

So I went back and I wrote a response to that contest.  I had thought the contest was already over, but I wanted to contribute to the dialectic about colorful living.

Then, lo!  Look what I see:

colorful conversations


4th & Final Winner! 2011 Colorful Living Campaign

Thank you to everyone who shared during our four-week Colorful Living Campaign! This last week we had so many great entries to review but we could only select one to win the 6′ x 9′ rug of choice. The fourth and final winner of our 2011 Colorful Living Campaign is Kendra Stanton Lee!

Kendra, we all smiled at the way you described Colorful Living (especially the part about the mermaid stickers!): “Colorful living is how we come into the world, outfitted in brights and pastels, how we spend our young years, scrawling with crayons on papers and walls (oops). Somehow we get away from colorful living as we become older; our environment and our affects become muted. We learn to deal in neutrals. But it is not who we are. As a mother of two — I am only now learning to get back to the sweetness of colorful living through my children, smiling through popsicle-drippy mouths or falling asleep with several mermaid stickers still stuck to my hand.”

Congratulations! Please email to claim your 6′ x 9′ rug of choice.

Our 2011 Colorful Living Campaign may be over, but we would love to continue hearing from you. Share your colorful adventures or pictures with us on Facebook or our Colorful Conversations blog.

Here's the one I picked. I'm over the moon!

april blooms