Without a Trace

My salutes to all of you cookie factories that are shelling out peanut blossoms like you've taken up residence at the Keebler Elf Tree and can't leave until you've produced enough bakery to get us through until Inauguration Day. Here at Chez Loverpants, I've tried a new messipe and an old favorite and, upon purchasing some cute little red lunch sacks from Tarjay, was prepared last evening to bag 'em up for our pastor and some other VIPs. But Lovey Loverpants missed that ESP message. And I did my share to decimate the supply, as well. In fact, I have just been Hoovering chocolate these days. It's a vice of mine. Once I start I just can't stop. Which is why I thought I'd be safe making these cookies because they aren't all ooey gooey chocolate. Instead, they are ooey gooey caramel. And by jove, that's practically carrot sticks to a chocoholic, right? Ermhem, yeah. They are more aptly called Death Row Caramel Cookies, with a generous portion of chocolate infused, make no mistake. If I'm on my way to the electric chair, these are what I'm ordering up.

I share them with you here, per the request of my good mate Regan, who approved of them and requested the messipe for her own purposes.

Nary a trace of cookie goodness left in Chez Loverpants....