Wonder of a Child

I was fortunate to have parents that upheld holiday traditions, reinforced in a big way by having a brother with autism that goes berserk when dinner is not served at 6 p.m. sharp and the corny robotic snowman is not played daily 15 minutes prior to that, and the Harry Connick Jr. album is played in entirety, but NO! BEFORE!!! the David Bowie Christmas album. The combination of my parents as tradition stalwarts and my brother as a tradition stall-out culminated in year after year of festivity, rinse and repeat. Baby Girl got to experience hints of these traditions this year -- some more fully and comprehensibly than others. But it was a delight to go through the motions in a way that seemed fresh and more magical, always on the edge of my seat and with a camera ready to catch some new nuance I had never seen before, all because of a little 10 month-old angel in Robeez whose eyes were always alight with the splendor of the season.


tower city

tower city

wow train santa IMG_2892 not that cool