Yesterday v. Today

Yesterday, I was:- Face down on a massage table, propped up by a belly pillow, while Jose made like Patrick-Swayze-with-clay on my back. - Feeling zen-like in a relaxation room, wearing a terrycloth robe, eating dried apricots and sipping chamomile tea. - Pleased to be the only one in the pool at the Intercontinental Spa. - Feeling guilt-free taking a long, hot shower, and using all and sundry toiletry items. - Gleefully riding the train unaccompanied by a goldfish cracker chomping toddler.

Today I am: - Irrationally close to tears at my inability to find my car keys anywhere. - Irrationally close to having a heart attack when my kid falls and splits lip at music class. - Plagued by diarrhea just as I was closing in on the cashier at the supermarket, with a cart full of frozen items, natch. - Projectile vomiting up my lunch which included folic acid and iron pills I know FetusBaby needs but which he/she will not receive until tomorrow.

And that is as much as I know about tomorrow.

*** Yesterday


Today IMG_4105