The Franklin Park Zoo is not far from our home. Since my little punk is pretty animal-obsessed, I thought it would be nice to mount a trip to the zoo on a nice overcast Thursday when the complex would not be too teaming with other punks and parents.

Well it was a grand day, but Baby Girl could have done without the lions, tigers, and bears. Here, she'll tell you all about it:

Let's talk about the chooochoooooooo! It's fun to watch it go by and cry chooooochooooo!

IMG_3537 And not to mention those stairs in the monkey house? Puh! AWESUMMMMM.

Of course there was the rusty truck that I climbed into with all the punks and stared contemplatively at them while pooping in my pants.





And lest we forget about the carousel. Someone started crying when it ended. Hah! Wah? Me? Protest when the amusement ceases? Please.

Okay so I bawled.