10 Things You Might Not Know About Salem, MA

10. You don't have to ride your broomstick there. Particularly if it's busted like ours. You can also get there by ferry.9. You can buy a lot of goth-ey things in Salem. It might even be the Goth Merch Capital of the World. 8. There are a lot of well-kept colonial homes there. I think each one comes with its own ghost. 7. The pedicabs are orange. Orange like pumpkins. I thought they were orange because that's all IKEA is showing these days. 6. The Authentic Mexican restaurant plays a lot of funk music. With no sense of irony. 5. If the LCD screen on your digital camera stops operating while you are screwing up your nose in front of the "Bewitched" statue, it's probably not the work of a witch's spell. It's probably because your husband dropped the camera and you should just forgive him as soon as possible. Or a wicked witch might curse you. 4. Everything sort of shuts down there around 4p.m. on a Sunday. You should have gotten the earlier ferry back. 3. Or you'll be stuck in Salem. 2. In the rain. 1. Which is not really as much fun. Especially if you suddenly got old because you had a baby. But at least the ferry ride back will be delightful with your mohawk baby.