100 Days

Before Sharon Jones sang about it, the Koreans were whoopin' it up about the 100th day. Because back in the day (possibly even before there was a demilitarized zone and even before kimchee was a pizza topping), babies in Korea did not live to see 100 days. And I'm proud to report that Baby Girl surmounted this hurdle on Saturday, although there was no traditional ceremony to chalk the big 1-0-0 on the pavement. We did, however, give her a 100 kisses and take 100 pictures at our friend Webby's wedding, which was a lovely affair indeed. Today has been a splendid Mother's Day, and thanks especially to those who sent thoughtful messages my way. I enjoyed a moment in which Lovey Loverpants was reading the paper, Baby Girl was sitting placidly in her stroller, and I was sipping some Jasmine tea (which was not even what I ordered, so sublime was my happy Mother's Day stupor) and the sun was casting a big old warm net around us sitting on the back patio of a bruncheria in our 'hood and I thought Oh thank you. Thank you thank you thank you, God, for letting me know 101 days of motherhood.

100 daze

I know Baby Girl looks cute, but, dang if hubs isn't just a muffin here, too, no? 100 daze

Webby was one of the most Ready brides I've ever seen at the head of the aisle.  Her face appeared as if she was saying, "Game ON!"  (This is an inspiration to the girl who had to ask her sister to sing "Oh Blah Dee Oh Blah Dah Life Goes On" with her before her wedding because she was hyperventilating so bad.)

webby wedding Webby in her newly minted status as wife, along with her darling groom Haryanto. P.S. I hope they make a baby, because...shoot! webby

Lovey Lovershoes was paying attention in church.

shooz So wasn't Laura.