Review: "All the Better to Kiss You With" Organic Lip Balm

I know you thought that I was done talking about my pregnancy and blah blah blah the baby's here, Kendra, your ankles aren't swollen anymore, but evidently your brain is because you keep blah blah talking about your pregnancy. However, this lip balm review just absolutely necessitates that I hearken back to my third trimester when I was compelled to buy everything, go everywhere, and see everyone like I was giving my Last Lecture. Heather B. Armstrong endorsed this lip balm and before she could even say chai flavor sweetness for our lips, I was clicking my paypal SEND CASH NOW to the makers of Organic Lip Balm. And wouldn't you know that it arrived while the baby bundle was being born! It was so nice because when I arrived home from the hospital, there was this clever little envelope with a pack o' 3 lip balm containers which sort of reminded me of the mini Altoid compacts, except with a sliding lid. I saved one for Lovey Loverpants' valentine, and I did give it to him, but I eventually reclaimed it because he said the packaging was too pansy for him to carry in public. I also sent one to CBear who is now in her third trimester YAHOO and the significance of all of this is that I got so mad parched during my c-section that I actually asked the surgeon if she could get me some lip balm. I know you're thinking, Good one, Kendra, go all Napoleon Dynamite when you're about to meet your child for the first time, but I was a bit delirious due to the gallons of anesthesia chugging through my bloodstream, and my LIPS HURT REAL BAD. Wish I could've glossed some of this smoooove organicness on my lips. The flavors are delicious and while I wouldn't say the stuff is exceptionally long-lasting, it's nice to know that it's made from ingredients you can pronounce, by a real nice little indie operation.