17 monther

I don't mean to brag, but the way I walk has been compared to John Wayne's swagger. I've been taking steps here and there since August, but I really stepped up my game this past weekend. My mother was praying that I would start walking soon so my pregnant nanny would have some relief. Then, my grandpa came and hauled my tochis all over our acreage (or maybe I hauled his?) and this walking thing didn't seem so bad.So, why not help God answer my mother's prayers? Yeah! That's what I thought, too!

I've got a whole new spring in my step now and my verbals are starting to follow suit. I can point to and say my body parts: piggy toes, mouth, eyes, ears, but my favorite by far is my nose since it has these holes for sticking my finger. Big fan. I also have added "chugga-chugga-choo-choo" as well as "up" and "down" to my vocab. That pretty much covers everything I want to convey in a day, in addition to mama, dada, pop (for yogurt freeze pop), truck, car, and plane.

I'm Tatum and I am 17 months young. I practice good oral hygiene. I give pats on the back. I am a prince and people love me.