Pants aplenty

I understand the whole metaphor for a person who "wears many hats" has operated nicely for some time. The simple switch of a hat can symbolize a whole shift in jobs, in roles, in identity. But what about pants, says I? Could not the changing of britches be just as symbolic?

Take, for interest, the Pinterest pants I have been putting on like they might go out of fashion at any time. I mean, look how Pinterested I have gotten into using a box of vanilla wafers and some leftover icing and some rainbow sprinkles when I did not have the baking pants wherewithall to bake anything for the school fall festival?


Baby Girl put on her eating pants just to ensure that there was no poison pants up in that sandwich cookie goodness.



And look at the cutesy pants I donned for the removal of otherwise ugly apple core seedage from Baby Girl's lunch fruit slices?


Let's not forget the overall pants I rocked for aforementioned fall festival. I schooled in a large pocket of Carhartt love I carry a piece of it with me.


Finally, just for literal kicks, here I am wearing my favorite jean pants in a cafe in Montreal where I asked if the waiter would take a picture of my sister and me and since he only spoke French, I guess he took that to mean, Please sweep me off my feet so that we can make a photo moment together.

My new friend @ Le Cafe