Happily ever after

Last night, long after the sleep-through-the-nighter had fought her bedtime with all of her might, my husband and I were fighting our bedtime with laughter and snorts, and though it physically hurts to prolong sleep these days, it's the lullabye I most prefer. The only semester of college we were together and both living on campus, we prolonged sleep almost every night, talking about meal plans and newspaper articles and all the people we knew in common and all the ones we didn't, and it still amazes me how we could spend so much time together and never get sick of each other, even though it's not so amazing because that is the definition of Young Love, but on 90 degree days with no breeze, I sometimes wish I didn't have to share the same room as my husband and why does he always have to turn on the light when I'm CLEARLY DYING FROM HEAT EXHAUSTION HERE.

Next month, I will have been with my husband for eight years uninterrupted and that? Is more than a fourth of my life spent with my husband. I miss our college days, I miss our long distance relationship and all the e-mails and latenight phonecalls, but I am living a happily ever after right now. I hope in ten years, I am still sleep-deprived if it means that I am falling asleep to the sound of my laughing partner laughing hard, five minutes after we both promised that we were going to shut up because, seriously, it's time to go to sleep.