40 is the new black

It is well-documented that sometimes I am a bit of a birthday party pooper. So much sugar and social pressure and there are new-to-me episodes of Mad Men waaaaaiting at home on Netflix! My introversion goes into overdrive on the weekends and I am just selfish with my time. But I am so glad we got invited to celebrate our friend Selena's 40th this past weekend. She is a maker of mischief and her birthday was a fair tribute!

Twas a barn party, as you can observe. (p.s. Is this little girl not a doll?)


The wee ones galavanted and if you squint your eyes, it looks like a Mormon family gathering. I so envy the Mormons and their family gatherings.


Of course they made the birthday girl dance when she arrived blindfolded, unwittingly in front of 40+ of her closest friends and neighbors.

Judy and Selena, who also hail from New England.

image image

I made her this 40 godmother. I didn't even consult Pinterest, players. I just bought a soda, a roll of rainbow duct tape, and let the candy lead me. For reals. DIY. forty_godmother

image A Chinese proverb says the sun is no less beautiful when it is setting versus when it is rising. Also, this barn ain't bad when the sun is nowhere to be found.

Happy Birthday, Mama Selena! You are loved 40 to the 40th power.