We are moving house again and I have a case of the _______ about it.

Landlord called and said they'll be selling the place we've been squatting renting for the last three years. I've been absorbing this news for the last few days and even though I've been telling myself to just man up because it's not a military draft card. Or a warrant for anyone's arrest. Or a one-way ticket to the Yukon Territory. But this move is hitting me right in the feels, dear reader.

We will likely move within a mile radius of headquarters, and yet I am weepy on the inside as I remove fingerpainted poster papers from these rented walls. I ripped the band-aid tonight and started packing boxes and it felt so punishing. The ink had barely dried on the cardboard since the last time we moved from all those states away. I am aware that I sound as feeble as Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie when they were trying to figure out the public bus system on "A Simple Life." I just don't think I've ever been this dangerously close to calling into "Delilah After Dark" and dedicating a song. To my feeble self.


Little Man took his first steps across this living room floor. Baby Girl sounded out her first sentences in this same room. We made a whole new life in a whole new state with a whole new community and it began here in this place that is heavy with significance.


Three years is an oft-repeated bracket of time for me. It's the longest tenure I've ever held a job. It's the time we lived in our Boston condo. It's the age of Baby Girl when we moved to Tennessee. It's the age of Little Man now. It's three times the age of my marriage. It's 11 times my age. And now I'm just forcing it.


Just like we're being forced out of our home into another that won't be as nice!!

There are a few things over which we have control and ultimately they are the things that matter most. We will still search for rimbos. We will still make cute messes. We will seek to do life better with those we hold most dear, under a roof that keeps our heads dry and under the stars that hold promise--against a background of the dark unknown, the twinkling possibilities shine brightest.