A List of Cravings, in no particular order

1.) Twice baked potatoes with sour cream, for breakfast. Especially when Ree is cooking. 2.) One dill speer, when I arrive home from work.

3.) Raw red pepper sticks, dipped drenched in ranch dressing, foisted messily into wide gaping maw.

4.) Stadium-style nacho chips which are one part salt, half part baked corn tortilla (so as to make you purchase $5 Coke), dipped deluged in spicy salsa.

5.) Basic Korean noodle dish known as "duk boo-ki." Thick noodles shaped like popcorn peanuts, sauteed saturated in spicy red pepper sauce. Is this sudden craving because am carrying child with 50% Korean ethnicity? What are the chances my child is genetically predisposed to hot-as-Hades seasonings/sauces?

6.) Mozzarella cheese, consumed atop whole wheat Wasa crackers to prevent self from gnawing at entire 16 oz. block indiscriminately.

7.) All that chased down with a nice Root Beer. 14 weeks pregnant and perfectly balanced. 26 weeks of model eating to go.