Just Don't Ask Me What the Encore Was, Because It Was Past My Bedtime


Be prepared to be absolutely electrified by this bloke. He opened last night's set with "Under the Influence" and every white kid from BU who had crawled out of her 3rd floor brownstone oven was swaying and singing and falling in lust with James Morrison. J-Mor rocks the stage like a kid with a rockabillly twitch, kicking up his white Cons with his skinny legs in skinny Euro jeans. The band covered "The Seed" by the Roots which was excellent. They moved through the set list very smoothly, with minimal shout-outs to the audience, but J-Mor seemed very sincere when he shouted, "All right! Boston! You're awesome! You're really full-on, tonight, eh?" I expect more good stuff from this band of Brits. Maybe someday I'll see them when I have not purchased tickets before I become pregnant and hit a brick wall of fatigue by 11p.m. because I am 3 months pregnant by the time I see them live. Oosh.