A Little Bit Ashamed to Admit, but Not So Much I'm Keeping It All to Self

- My mother-in-law left today after a week's homestay with us. She loved Madigan to pieces, as demonstrated by her morning ritual of swaddling the infant under numerous blankets and exposing her to multiple hours a day of classical music. Anytime I turned on the televizzle - even just to check the weather for 8.5 seconds - my mother-in-law would scoonch out of the range of the television. She said she doesn't believe in exposing a child under age 2 to television. Now, I'm not going to dispute that the boob tube is all healthy for body and mind, but it was slightly hilarious to see my mother-in-law take cover as soon as I would touch the remote control, as if huge flaming, radiating orbs of brain blight were going to shoot out of the screen at the touch of a button. Needless to say, I didn't watch a single program in the span of a week. Needless to say even further, by the time mother-in-law was boarding the plane, I had already logged a good hour with Oprah, while breastfeeding, and there's probably something egregiously unparental about that. Heh. Good thing I got that out of my system and will never EVER be tempted to do that again. - I want to see "College Road Trip." By that, I don't mean I hope that sometime I am hanging out with my cousins for whom that movie is age-appropriate and I get the chance to catch a few minutes of the movie to see if there are any funny parts. I mean that I want to go to CVS and buy 2/$1.00 candy, per usual, and then go to Loew's on The Common and buy an adult ticket from the kiosk, per usual, and then I want to sit in a dark theatre with my feet up on the seat in front of me, per usual, and then I want to watch Martin Lawrence and Raven Simone on a big screen with surround sound and have myself some laughs.

- I'm trying to stay away from white flour and refined sugars so I can rebound from nine months of Important Consumer Research in Trans Fats. (Study concluded - they're allll bad and therefore alllll good.) Tomorrow I may work up the courage to post a picture of the toll this research has taken on my body. For now, I'm keeping that image to self.