Li'l Peep

Baby Girl and I had our first lunch date, like with a waiter and everything. After spending the last six years in Boston cultivating a hefty rolodex of restaurant reviews for establishments that are decidedly (read: fershizzle) Non-Chain, I'm resigned to a future of chain lovin' (every six months when the benjamins allow) since they seem to designate their dining rooms between the Crying and the Non-Crying. I was going to say the Diapered and the Non, but one should never assume. Baby Girl was very well-behaved, the weekend white flour eating was indulgent as expected, and it was delightful to meet our new friend MKVK - who is conducting a longitudinal study in cute babes - in person. Peeps called. They want their Marshmallow Bunny back... marshmallow peep


Not a peep from this peep. And I'm spent.

not a peep