Attention Hog

IMG_4139 See this girl?

We took her to a wedding today.  A Pi Day wedding with no pie.  But excellent cake, that was for certain.

That girl in the picture thought the DJ's stage was her personal platform from which she was meant to stage-dive onto the dance floor.

And when that dance floor was cleared for the daddy/daughter dance?  That pint-sized girl with the rosy cheeks thought the floor was being cleared for her.  To stagedive onto the dancefloor and announce, "Yay I did it!!!  I did it!!" and run around and spin and wave her arms and pirouette just a few feet away from the father who had emptied his heavy pockets to entertain and feed hundreds of people on a rainy Sunday, on the occasion of his daughter's wedding.  That father just wanted to dance with his own daughter.  But instead he found himself sharing the dancefloor with his daughter and someone else's daughter, who clapped vainly for herself, while an entire wedding reception venue exploded in applause for her.  During the bride's dance with her father.

Baby Girl soon exited stage left.