Being Enthusiastic

The title of this photo is "Being Enthusiastic."

8.5 months

If I am really honest, it might be more aptly named Trying to Be Enthusiastic. I'm trying to be a lot of things these days. Including mobile. On Friday, I washed AND dried my hair, put on full make-up, matched my purse to my boots, and headed to hubby's clinic. The whole process took took me a long time. I'm not as frustrated these days with how long things take me, because I've grown used to factoring in the waddle time. But the belly has become heavy; even so much as tapping certain parts of my pelvis sends lightning bolts up and down my torso. I'm trying to stay upright, I'm trying to stay awake, I'm trying to eat healthfully. But you can't outwit pregnancy. All you can do is try to be enthusiastic with each unfamiliar change, and try to spend as much time around people who do not look ruefully at you for eating a chocolate covered OREO before noon.