Cake Display

I have wanted a cake display for a long time. I wasn't sure if that was too June Cleaver for a mod gal like self, but they're just so dadgum elegant, how can you not want one? Also, tangential note, it only recently occurred to me the symbolic nature of the name June CLEAVEr. Get it? How she's a model wife and mother, to whom her husband can readily cleave, like the Bible says, because she's just that good? So yeah, have been desirous of a cake display but the pricepoint was holding me back since I tend to shatter everything. Enter Jami Nato with her snazzy DIY cake display. I decided to try my hand at it, and even though my step-by-step was a little different from hers, I'm pleased with the final results. cake plate


Okay, now this is where I departed from the Jami Nato model. I first Gorilla Glued the base and the plate together. Waited an hour. Then! I flipped over the cake display and stenciled the bottom of the plate (because, remember? It's clear). Okay, and then I spray painted it all red so that the stencils would shine through from the top. You know me and wanting to have something that nobunny else in the world has. I was pretty pleased with the product, as was Mrs. Potatohead.