Date with Nate

Dear Nate Berkus, I'm super excited about our upcoming tete-a-tete. Even though there will be gaggles of other gals joining us. So it's more like a ten-by-ten-by-ten-a-tete The most important thing is that you rock the scruffy face you're healthy, I'm healthy, and there is at least one mention of gold leaf. I LOVE IT WHEN YOU TALK ABOUT GOLD LEAFING THINGS!!!!

Oh? Was I not supposed to fly my freak flag yet? Sorries! I'm such a talk show amateur! I try to watch your show in the mornings promptly at 10 a.m. so I don't miss a single DIY design dilemma , ahem, wheneverrrr it is that you come on but the mornings I am home, I usually try to take my kizzle (aren't they adorbies?) to Baby Boot Camp, or, if we are hanging out, I am distracted in helping my daughter assemble her Fancy Nancy puzzle and/or helping my son to not eat Fancy Nancy's jigsaw face. The other mornings, I am kvetching around, stepping on hot glue guns while I try to pack a snack bag for the kizzle, and I forget to set the DVR to record Nate and then I get to the end of my day and wonder why I am watching "Gilmore Girls" when I already know how it ends.



I know that you are probably thinking that such a hot mess mama should probably be focused more on memorizing the poison control hotline than on gauging whether Nate Berkus is bringing back macrame in a big way. But I suppose we all have our creative outlets and since I have no other skills besides . . . um?

Sorry for the interlude, I had to go call my mom and ask her something. Anyway. Where was I? Jigsaw puzzles? Yeah, so I'm really excited for our special time on the horizon. I'm all antsypantsed wondering whether you'll get verklempt on camera when someone talks about how much your designs for their trailer park have changed everything. I'ma bring my best gal from the 'hood and I totally hope we get a picture with you. Or one close to you. Or one where, you know, we look like a couple of hottie boombalotties and look! There's Nate Berkus' eyebrows!

I can't wait!

Love, Your #1 Fan, Kendra

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