10 months

I've just mastered the crab-leg crawl and I'm working on the whole pull-to-standing. But what I really find thrilling is to be propped in standing position. You can see so much more than when you're sitting!!! The things I mainly like to look at are: a.) Trucks b.) Anything my sister is doing, and especially if she is playing with trucks

I still cry when my mama leaves me with the nanny, but not for long. And now that the weather is nicer, I can go on the swings which makes me giggle as I catch air. I'm told my giggle could melt the snow off the Himalayas. Whatever that is.

There are a lot of things that make me a charismatic boy (I'm told, heh), including my irresistible dimples, my fierce helmet, the way I lean my head on your shoulder to snuggle, and my repetitive sing-songs. But when I start clapping on command, like when anyone says the word "clap," or even if someone points to a clock and says "clock" and I bust out like a monkey clapping two cymbals? Aw, I'm a charmer.




flippy dippy

hunny bunny

bunny boy