DIY: Lamp Revival

Remember that lamp that I bought for eight moneys that was all rusted on the base and had no bulb and no shade? IMG_5827

Oh, yeah, thanks for asking about that!

I've actually made great strides in bringing uggo lamp back into fashion.

First I took some steel wool and said au revoir to the rust.

Then I spray-painted the base.

Then I bought this lampshade for eight moneys at Tarjay.


Then I spent a crafternoon (borrowing a phrase from Jami Nato) busily painting and stenciling the lampshade. I used adhesive stencils, which are a brilliant solution to stenciling 3D items.

Finally, I stared at the lamp for a long time and resolved that it was just going to look sort of DIY and that I was just going to have to accept that once again, I am not Martha, though I do think she is a proprietress of the bomb adhesive stencils.