There is a smoking hot man in my bed just waiting for me. And he is waiting for me to finish posting all of my show n' tell from our superuberphun time last night.  And by our fun time, I mean the field trip I had with the kids, natch.

Once I do that, I will hop in that sack and do what I do every night.

Which is to ask my lover, Who is that on the cover of that magazine for lawyers this month? Franco who? Wait, that's his last name!?

And then Loverpants will do what he does every night which is to keep the light on for way too long reading articles in that magazine for lawyers--wait, what? Esquire is not just for lawyers?

(I was wondering why my psychotherapist lover was so interested in the litigious details of Franco person guy famous coverboy man.)

Anyway. Without further adieu.  I had SO MUCH FUN with my kids last night!! I woke up with a fierce hangover from the sheer fun of it all.  Loverpants had an all-night softball tournament (I know! He's so hard-core athletic, he's nocturnal!).

It was such a lovely and crisp Rocktober night.


My daughter then took a picture of me from a highly flattering angle in my Rocktober garb.


The kizzle and I mounted an outing to Good Dog where you can get any menu item in veggie form <3. IMG_6050


And afterward we hung with all the hoi polloi at Coolidge Park, fulfilling a lifelong dream of mine to see a balloon glow.  Ooooh!  Say it, balloon glow!  Doesn't it sound so psychadellic?





It was pretty amazing.  The colors, the lights, the people.



At first Baby Girl was two thumbs down on the chilly evening outing.  But then, the idea illumined her mind that all these people were gathered for a NIGHT PARTY! And then she was all banshee-dancey about it being a NIGHT PARTY! And she kept looking up at the moon and singing happy birthday to the moon and thanking that lunar globe for hosting the NIGHT PARTY!!!



Happy Rocktober, y'all.