Here is a cranberry bog not far from the entrance to Edaville, quite close in fact to the parking lot where you will happily park for free and pay no mind as to where exactly you parked. IMG_4938

Here we are after arriving at Edaville where we parked the car in a vast parking lot that had no distinctive markers as to which section or row to remember where one parked the SUV in a sea of SUVs.


This is the gargantuan Santa who can probably see as far to the parking lot and bears witness to all of the hassled park-goers doing the Where Did I Park Again shuffle every night in the dark.


This is a mouse but Baby Girl thought he looked more like Roo from Winnie the Pooh. He is smiling because he didn't have to drive and park at Edaville.


This is Baby Girl mocking Humpty Dumpty who parked himself outside the gift shop. Smart move since he'll never get lost or shattered by parking himself there.


This is Little Man asking Santa for a mother who doesn't lose her car in the parking lot at Edaville.


This is a quaint little light display representative of a time in the 1800s when people never lost their means of transport because they were attached to horses that nayed and brayed in the dark so you could easily find them.


Here are Baby Girl and her BFF, blissfully unaware that the sun is going down, rendering it nearly impossible to...yeah...you know the deal.


Riding the train, scoping out the lights, blissfully unaware of the parking fiasco.


About twenty minutes before I lost the car.


Overheard twenty minutes later: "Mommy, what seems to be the problem? You wost our car?"