Hope there's good climbing in...

Chattanooga, TN. Since that will be our home at this time next year.

I didn't get to witness firsthand the maiden voyage of Baby Girl on the rock wall. Little Man had four shots the day before Thanksgiving and subsequently woke up with a fevahhh of 102, bless his little bruised legs and feverish noggin. So I was hangin' with my febral little butterball while Loverpants and Baby Girl clipped in and rigged up and belayed on the wall. Fortunately Auntie Eunis took these pictures. When I saw these pics, my heart inflated and took flight like a hot air balloon, soaring over craggy rock walls. I know they say you cannot be in two places at once, but in that moment I saw our future and I saw our past. I saw distant tomorrows as a family of climbers, something I've always wanted, since growing up my family didn't really have a shared activity, unless you count eating together a gluttonous amount of ice cream. I also rewound the memory tape, back to Loverpants' and my first year of marriage and how we made weekly dates with Auntie Eunis to climb. I learned so much about our marriage from those climbs, about being a reliable anchor and a communicative climber and a good cheerleader. I haven't been on a wall since before I got pregnant with Little Man and I miss it so much, but these pictures raise my hopes that a return to the top of the mock mountain is in the cards very soon.




IMG_2515 IMG_2530