I am about to make a huge sacrifice for beauty...I am laying down the sacrificial lamb of my pride to advertise this... which should tell you how passionately I feel about this matter.

It is a matter of import, one of tremendous gravity.

It is, of course, the issue of non-shadowy-eye-shadow.

Photo 21 An oxymoron, you insist?

I thought the same for so long, dear friends. As a lover of my spectacles, I thought I might be destined to a life of LIVING IN MY OWN SHADOW! So shadowy were my eyes hid behind the imposing framewear.

But lo! Into my life came Mary Kay Eyesicles creme eyeshadow. And yes, though I am an independent beauty consultant with Mary Kay who will profit from your purchase of this product, I will not, however, benefit from having the following picture on the interwebz with my pointy little freckled nose and my oral hygiene practices made manifest for all the world wide web to see.

Photo 24

I do so love this product.  And yours, for ten moneys, and shipping's on me! You're welcome. xoxo, Kendra

Photo 18