What's in K's skincare toolbox?

(The following exercise is procrastination of the first degree. I have packed exactly one box today, and evidently the ergonomics of a rice cooker and a cake pan were just altogether a heady business because I spent the afternoon funnin' and saying worshipful things to my wonderful baby daddy on Father's Day.) So, to satisfy the gnawing question of how I maintain this youthful glow, this natural vivaciousness, this easy breezy beautiful like I just stepped out of a salon sometimes I need a little finesse sometimes I don't general aura...here are a few products I use daily to prime my canvas:

1. Cleanser with light exfolliant: I'm a Mary Kay consultant, so I drink that kool-aid (even if I will never qualify for a pink Cadi because I reinvest all my profits in lip gloss inventory) but I do sincerely think their 3-in-1 cleanser is phenomenal.

2. White Tea extract: I have chronic eczema and the only non-prescription product I've found to help is this by Origins.

3. Eye cream: I use MK's. Because gravity is still turned on.

4. Something that boosts collagen. I know this sounds like one of those "let's simulate science!" commercials that uses lots of venn diagrams to show you what happens to your epidermis when free radicals attack it, that is totally not based on hard science and is completely watered down for laymen consumers, but I will attest that I have seen the importance of collagen in my life, particularly in my huge Cabbage Patch Doll cheeks. Again, I use MK's night solution and I'm happy.

5. Lip balm with SPF. I love this one by fresh so much I wanna marry it.

6. Daytime moisturizer with SPF. I find most moisturizers come with an SPF 15, but I am the At-Risk Skin Cancer Society poster child so I best be using one that comes with at least 25.

Stay tuned for: "What's in K's make-up bag?"

One Sweet Day

Not that we're keeping score, but today is the 10th anniversary of my first Valentine's Day with Lovey Loverpants in which he was confused by my verbiage and thought that when I said, "We are going out to dinner," I meant with him and not my roommates. This misunderstanding meant he drove 7 hours to my apartment in DC and was dressed in a BOWTIE awaiting my arrival so that we could go out to dinner.  Only, shoooooot!  I had just eaten!  With my roommates.  Don't you remember? So I ordered him a pizza and together we enjoyed it, he eating it, and me enjoying him in a bowtie.

To let the circle go unbroken, we celebrated tonight with a similar circular-shaped pie, only with Baby Girl (and, by extension, Wee En Utero Baby).  We all ate together this year, though, and that was sweet indeed.


Prior to that, though, there were CHOCOLATE BUFFETS to orchestrate, and this was perhaps one of my proudest feats in the kitchen to date.  I hosted a little Mary Kay showing of our new products (and still have a few gift bags and one of these gift boxes left if you are in the market, I'll send it your way with free shipping). To sweeten the deal, I offered my guests a self-guided tour of chocolate.  Somehow we all managed to find our way....


Chocolate Pretzel Tart



Homemade strawberry marshmallows


Made with help from Baby Girl



The world's largest shmallow


A glimpse of the buffet:


A few valentines made by Baby Girl and a gluestick:


A few of my sweethearts





Project Stocking

I'd like to invite you to participate in a fun project to support the women residents of the Elizabeth Stone House this holiday season! The House provides residential and off-site programs for survivors of domestic violence. I have supported this organization in the past and have a very dear friend who has worked for the agency for 10 years. I really believe in its mission and am motivated to do the following:

I am aiming to donate 30 stockings for the women residents of the House. The stockings will be filled with candy, a Mary Kay peppermint cream body set, and a "starry" lip gloss.

If you would like to sponsor a stocking, you could do so as a gift that is tax-deductible for both yourself or your business. The stockings can contain whatever message you like. The cost of the stockings are $20.* I can accept check, cash, or credit card. I will send you a receipt for your tax records and will deliver the stockings to the House on Dec. 17.

Here is what the stockings look like:


*Please note that I have deeply discounted the product and am not trying to turn some big Mary Kay profit off of this. I am donating a portion of the stockings but just wanted to allow others the opportunity to participate in something that was sort of "ready-made".

Please e-mail me (kendratheadverb at gmail dot com) or leave a comment if you would like to participate or have any questions!!

Thanks so much and have a blessed holiday season!