Father's Day is over, so I can say this now

Just in case you ever find yourself to be a new father of a melon-headed infant, with a wife who has not known more than six hours of uninterrupted sleep in four months and fourteen days, TURN YOUR EAR THIS-A-WAY, YOUNG: When you arrive home from Job One, en route to Job Two, possibly to be awakened later by a pager for Job Three, please just take heart in the knowledge that you are appreciated. That even when your wife's eyes, at half-mast, greet you with a lukewarm hello and a repeated request for you to just change this diaper so she doesn't have to, she really is happy to see you, not only because you possess opposing thumbs for the changing of diapers, but because you're her co-captain, even if you're often working to keep the sails from ripping off the mast in the wake of gale winds, and she is squarely stationed on the poop deck 24-7. in her heart, she's so happy to see you, she thinks you're so wonderful and that you excel at being cute almost all the time. And every so often, she'll appreciate you telling her that she is one gorgeous schnitzel on a stick. Or something equally inspiring.