Night Out

This little mama took herself out for her first movie date the other night. It was a warm night when I headed out to see some movie about pinning large flowers and garish birds on your person. I'm pretty sure there was a more intricate plotline, but it was mainly about accessories. Prior to that, though, I worked up such an appetite finding parking (would've taken the T, but don't like to walk back from the station alone lest I mistake the rustling paper bag for a rabid raccoon and pee my pants), and since I was an hour and a half early for the movie, you know, because parking is just that tight sometimes, I took a walk-about outside the theatre. Did you know it was National Go on an Ice Cream Date Night? I certainly missed that memo, and yet, despite the fact that I'm trying to spend all of my non-paycheck at Whole Paycheck in an attempt to become vegan these days, the subliminal persuasion from all of these hot twentysomething couples cozying up on dark benches where the girl is going all blah blah blippity blah about her roommates who always leave the dishes in the sink and the guy is all thinking, I wonder if the Celtics are ahead, I broke right down and ate some coffee oreo ice cream. And it? Was delicious. I came home from my Mama Movie Date Night with Self to these bumpkins: