Field Trip

I would be a petite freckled liar if I told you that I prefer field trips in the sweltering sun with my kids DID YOU PACK ME SOME SNACKS, MOM? to laying around in my underoos and finishing a novel. Or starting a novel. Or getting to the heart-rushing part of a novel SOME SNACKS, MOM? without being MOM? interrupted. But I have enjoyed mounting little day triplets in our new hometown because it sure beats the alternative of watching Yogi Bear outsmart The Ranger for another interminable afternoon. Or preparing syllabi. Oosh, I am so particular about my syllabi. They take me forevski.

Plus! I've had my co-captain in mischief-making with whom to plan our misadventures, which is always so much SNACKS, MOM? easier and lovelier, too. So glad to have this time with Loverpants to explore our new cityscape.

*** Interlude: My mom has a picture of my sister and me standing on a fence bordering the petting barn at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. She snapped the picture of us both sort of leaning over the fence because she wanted to showcase the matching rainbow sundresses she had sewed for us. And get this: they had matching bloomers. It doesn't get any cuter. Also, you should go to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo if ever you are in Cleveland. It's sensational. End: Interlude.

*** The Chattanooga Zoo is nothing fancy but it is very clean and shady and we are now members so y'all come down and we'll turn-style through for no moneys at all!

*** I love this picture so hard. The billy goats gruff would not leave Little Man alone.




The Oompa-making machine was circa 1912!


Ruby is a famous carousel poneh and Baby Girl done rode her!



The Oompa-maker scared Little Man so he and Daddy retired to the carousel bench.