Once upon a time, there was a lady with a pointy nose and pointy spectacles who rented a home with spacious rooms and a pretty color scheme and grown-up curtains. But it wasn't hers, the rental home, both in deed and in design. It didn't say, the pointy lady lives here with her family. It said, pointy lady eats snacks here with her family and then forgets about the snacks and then comes back to find the ants finished her snack. And who wants her home to say that? So the lady with the pointy nose and the pointy glasses finally figured out the whole point of this rental situation. It was to enjoy the perks of having a landlord to fret about the water pressure and drainage issues, and to channel all of her own energy toward bringing comfort and charm to her home, where snacks are still shared and eaten liberally, to inhabitants big and small. *** Spotted brassy mirror in excellent condition - $7 (with Groupon) from Thrift Warriors in Chattanooga, TN.


Mirror prepped for painting with pages of American Girl Doll catalogue (apologies to Kirsten, Molly, Samantha, et. al.).


Silver spray paint and brush-on patina metal finish bring a new "montique" look to our mirror. IMG_5842