First Lady

P052411LJ-0408 photo credit: White House

This photo of First Lady Obama represents, to me, everything that she is and all that I could hope to be: poised, fashionable, and able to interface with Europeans without getting all flushed and having to excuse oneself because surely she just lost all of her teeth.  Can you stand her, The Michelle?  She's just so sensational.  She never seems robotic, but sincere, and yet, so refined. I adore her. I want to be her best friend, her sister, her daughter, her sorority sister, her cousin twice removed by marriage.  I will be her dog Bo, if I must.

I will get behind any of her campaigns.  Obesity epidemic? Support for Military Families?  Worldwide Hug-a-Monk Awareness?  I will wear that button on my lapel.

My freshman seminar at Small Liberal Arts College on a Hill was on America's First Ladies.  It was such a fascinating opportunity to roundtable about the hardest unelected position in politics.  My favorite First Lady was Lou Henry Hoover (seriously, she was a phenom), but she has been bested - indubitably! - by The Michelle.  Who's your fave First Lady?