First Burpday Fruits

So, this is going to be totally inelegant to hijack the spotlight from a precious one year-old's birthday, but let me just go ahead and commit this peccadillo. Many years ago, when I was a freshman in Dating a Korean Man 101, someone helpful told me that my ability to meticulously cut and display fruit would be very important if I were ever to want to be a daughter-in-law of worth. Well I'll have you know the weight of that counsel bore heavy on my heart for years and years. That after the exhortation, I would catch myself in the mirror and ask, "Hey you. How are your chopping and garnishing skills today?" Other times I'd be walking home from the train station and would give myself pep talks. "Gonna get yourself a Ginza! Gonna learn how to use it! Gonna OWN yourself a Ginza!  Gonna make that melon look SICK {Repeat}" I mean, this was serious bidness. While other women thought about what kinds of precious metals they might someday wrap around their ring fingers, I was considering a whole other metal for my hot little hands... And.  I'm only a little bit kidding.

So imagine my delight when I was SWEATIN' IT when my father-in-law said we'd just prepare some fruit arrangement for Little Man's first birthday and by "we" I knew he meant "me." Ufffff.

I first attempted surgery on the watermelon. I had no idea what I was doing. I was chewing up the insides of my mouth with the concentration. Surely my deodorant was not pH balanced for these kinds of shenanigans. Then my mother-in-law passed by the operating table. She told me to do the pineapple, as well. (!!??) So I went all edible arrangements on that fruit and...

wait for it!

voila!  My handiwork!




Little Man? You're TOTALLY welcome! :)