5 things you need to know about the author Rachele Alpine


1. Rachele Alpine spent part of her senior year of high school living with an Amish family. This is the kind of life Rachele has been leading since we shared Latin class with the original dreamboat Mr. Wilson.

2. Rachele Alpine has a younger sister named Amanda who is delightful. She also has a dog named Radley. Look at this guy!


3. Rachele Alpine and I have the following in common: - We both attended writing nerd camps at Kenyon College - We both heart Boston something wicked fierce - We are both wild about Curtis Sittenfeld - We both used the same wedding photographer - We are both teachers

4. Rachele Alpine wrote a young adult novel called CANARY that is going to break some ground. Might even shatter it. It has been described as:

"Bittersweet and poignant, it shares a glimpse of what it's like to grow up, live, love, learn, understand, fumble, fall and eventually rise again in a modern high school setting marked by false friendships, betrayals and cruelty."

5. You must watch the trailer, then add this book to your Goodreads.

If this trailer moved you and you love a good YA read, consider pre-ordering on Amazon. I know I am.