Granny on Board

Since last June when we told my mother (via an "I Love Grandma" bib) she was going to be a granny, she has been riding the crest of a tall wave of glee. I do not think we have had an argument, or even an argumentito in nine months. We are both, as women, my mother and I, very hard on ourselves. Therefore, we tend to be hard on other people - especially ones we love. Yet, it seems as though we've laid aside our bag of hammers and nails to enjoy the experience of expecting this wee one. Now that Pee Wee Lee has arrived, my mother's phonecalls have increased from once a week to once a day. I swear her voice has raised one octave. She tells my husband that she loves him, she tells me how excited she is to come and stay with us and lose sleep. She is out of her skull. She's a new grandmother.

She'll be making her way to Boston this afternoon. Someone, if you see her, please ask her where she is going. She will be combusting inside to tell you that she is going to visit her new grandbaby.