Homecoming Queen

John used to tell me in college that I shouldn't worry if I lost him at a party or if we were not that attached-at-the-hip (or his hip to my elbow as our height differential would have it) couple, because "you know you're always gonna go home with the prom king."

I guess that makes him sound kind of arrogant, doesn't it? It's sort of one of those catch-phrases that defines our relationship now, though. More of a trigger to fond memories, psycho-analysis notwithstanding.

Anyway. Today was discharge day. Madigan had to say good-bye to all of the amazing nurses who provided such excellent care for her (and Daddy and Mama). It seemed that not a nurse or staff member could pass her by without mentioning what a cutie she was. I know it's their job to say things like this; they are in the business of caring for/ogling The Cute. But it never got old for me. I felt like the last five days was a sort of Homecoming Parade, with Madigan as queen and I a part of her court.

Look at the flowers this girl raked in:

Madi and Daddy holding court (they are the queen and the king, after all) as we make our exit.
king and queen

She might be Homecoming Queen, but it doesn't appear to be going to her head.
homecoming queen