Hamilton County Fair

Loverpants and I were driving home from the Hamilton County Fair yesterday and he asked me what I thought the main objective of the fair was. It was a question of great philosophical and economic weight. One that shouldn't just be given a cursory assessment. Was it the 4H club with the beaming kids bragging on their show ponies? Or was it the great big bagged puffs of pink and blue cotton candy, representing all the cushioned sweetness of childhood, pulled and consumed in random sticky finger increments? Was it all this or more than all of this? Well, not to be flip or anything but you know I think the real point of the county fair is this:


The price of that face is one ticket. Actually, two tickets when your 16 month-old won't get out of the bounce house. And even though the the volunteer says, "He's so cuuute! 'sall riight. Don' worry. He kin go ageeyenn." You still pony up that extra ticket. Times are tough for inflatables and all.

Then Baby Girl mounted the inflatable ladder and doggoneit if that wasn't ALSO the main point of the fair:




First Amendment rights, cordoned off in one particular area: Also the point of the county fair


Another chocolate dipped point the fair had to make:


Ferris wheels pit-stops for train sets. Some might argue they were the main point of the county fair:


I nearly launched a violent protest over this arts and crafts denim design receiving a paltry second place. Someone has to speak for the trolls.


Then this naughty billy goat got up on the haystack podium and sounded the voice of justice.


Bessie decided to be a conscientious objector.


That'll do, pig. That'll do.