Review: Bill Cunningham New York

I just spent some of the best consecutive 124 minutes of my life.  I watched a very fine documentary about the New York Times' living legend on-street fashion photographer: Bill Cunningham. I streamed it on Netflix (better do it quick, Quiksters, before the grand splitting of bills takes place!) and I will watch it again. I do adore the fashion and I am a terrible photographer so I have an appreciation for those who do it well.  But the heart of this documentary is neither fashion nor photography; it is about finding that which you love and seeking after it, just patching up your discount poncho and riding your bicycle like the dickens after it, taxi traffic be damned.

Cunningham is an articulate, good-humored, impassioned, sensitive, vulnerable man.  Perhaps one of the most riveting characters you will meet in a documentary film.

Let me know when you meet the man behind the man.