Kendra's Favorite Things!

OMG! It's almost as exciting as Oprah's list, save for the free Volkswagons and cruises and giveaways of any kind. And the commercial fanfare and approval from Stedman Graham. But this list has still been thoughtfully compiled. Maybe someday it will have its own claymation special! With a soundtrack! With ill-advised duets with, like, Mariah Carey and Kenny Loggins to boot! 1.) Peppermint Hot Choco at Ula Cafe Yes those are candy cane bits on top of frothy creamy chocolatey yum tasty goodness. By jove, it's like they made it JUST FOR ME! /photo02/92/3a/e64bb4d0f7e7.jpeg

2.) Fancypants duct tape.  I bought this from Tarjay and I cover everything with it. Gifts. Signage. Preschoolers' hands that need to be made waterproof.

3.) Darling prints from my mate Helen's Etsy Shop o' Prints that she done photographed herself.  I think she is so talented!

helen makadia

4.) The Gingerbread Pops kit. We testdrove the house kit a few years ago with my in-laws and it was wicked fun, but the pops are the perfect activity if you are hosting a party of a motley crew.

gingerbread pops

5.) Chillin' in my holiday menagerie

IMG_4923 IMG_4920

6.) Little Man's Cheeks Each sold separately


7.) The Throwback Little Tykes Dollhouse I have had such fun tracing various pieces of it through e-bay.


8. A tour of the Louisa May Alcott House in Concord, MA All decked out for Christmas!




9. Don't tell my Mary Kay posse but I really like this lip tint from Fresh.  It's long-lasting and has some lemon oil in it that is really yummy.

10.) The Flour Cookbook.  Flour and I go way back.  Both of my children gestated on Flour bakery goods.  I bought this for my stepmother for Christmas.  I hope she likes it, but more importantly, I hope she makes me the Chunky Lola cookies.  Which may or may not be found on page 97.  Please and thank you.