I remember reading a post Dooce wrote about how she honestly hated traveling with kids. And at the time I was all, Ohhh booo hooo, you have to make bajillions of moneys on advertising your life via the intranets, cry me a river about your travels with tots. But then I became a mother and I became the mother who has found herself traveling often with her kids. I can vouch that sometimes traveling with young kids is a bit Oliver Twist-ish. You're pressed up to the windows of posh restaurants like a hungry beggar, dreaming if only...if only that could be me. But instead you are reduced to eating in lame-o restaurants where they can't just call the chicken nuggets chicken nuggets on the menu, they have to call them something like Brontosaurus Bites. Do you know how fiercely I avoid having to order anything off of menus that will embarrass me? I will go to great lengths to not have to say "Venti" in Starbucks, por ejemplo. Anyway. This past weekend we went to Nashville WITH OUR KIDS and they were their delightful feral selves. I was my usual high-energy grumpy self. Loverpants was his usual chill, dutiful self. We saw our friend Kate who was marvelously charitable and thoughtful to us and packed things like fruit salad!!! to take to the restaurant "just in case we need that." I know. What kind of awesome friend does that? Just KNOWS that your kids do not want the Brontosaurus Bites at civilized eating establishments. ::sigh:: Thank God for friends who know the deal.

I sort of forget that when you travel, you're just changing venues. You're just changing the scenery and the pantry items. It's always latebreaking news to me that, KENDRA? YOU'RE STILL PARENTING. Even when you're traveling. I generally do most of the packing for our trips and I'm getting pretty stealth with the snack bags and the books and change of outfits, etc. But in all the packing and planning, I forget that it's not just about having the gummi bears on hand. It's about taking that extra reality check. Hey there, mama self. You know this trip? You know it has the potential to be really exhausting, right?

I will not regale you with the family reunion and the completely de classe scene at the La Quinta Inn this a.m. but I will say that this weekend's trip was exhausting and wonderful and the park system in downtown Nashville is phenombomb!

Can't wait to get back. With or without our punks.