Not a fan

In no particular order, some things getting my goat lately: 1. Whistling. How can something that is so pleasurable for the person whistling be so irritating for those innocent bystanders of the whistling assault?

2. Group Projects. Has anyone in the history of group projects ever said, WOW, that group project totally taught me so much and everyone carried his or her equal load and there were never passive-aggressive e-mails circulated about who was really the leader and who wasn't quite pulling his/her part together?

3. Ignorance over direct objects. Once a day I hear someone say that something is {insert adjective here} to "she and I." I know people are confused. We're afraid of saying "her and me." It sounds wrong. Because when "she and I" are the subject of the sentence, it should be she and I, just like our parents would correct us in front of our new best friend with whom we were going to the Bay Superette to buy a Flintstone Push Pop for $.50. SHE AND I, your parents would say, NOT ME AND HER. She and I went to the Superette. Correct. But the push-pop is not yummy to I. It is yummy to me. Ergo, it is yummy to her and me.

4. Bradley Cooper. Nothing against him, I'm just not a fan. Overrated. Overhyped.

5. The new Justin Timberlake song. There are moments of win, but it is not a total win and barely fills my cup after a long walk through a desert of no Timberlake.

6. Avoidance. Like how I keep avoiding the delightful task of sending a letter to my Granny. Must be too busy composing cranky blog posts.

7. The expression "Love it!" I'm guilty of its overuse, but really? Do we really love with our innermost being the crocheted tea cozy that makes our coffee mug look like a googley-eyed owl that we saw on Pinterest? Do we LOVE it?

8. Downton Abbey for doing that to me. How am I to live now? HOW?

Know what I do like? These nuggets.