Not an Orgo blog, trust

Don't get it twisted. Kendraspondence persists in recounting the journey of this hot mess express CHOO CHOO on its way to disasterland. But along the way, I do enjoy stopping temporarily at organization blogs and walking around inside of their smartly shelved closets. The things they do with washi tape and label makers truly confounds this amateur. My home is always messy due to the fact that I am only one woman living with three others who are not fans of the neatly stacked pile. I can only wage so many battles, said every mother, everywhere, for all of history. I do so enjoy organizing, though. I love the categorizing and stacking and busting out of pretty papers and tabs for sorting. All of life is utterly too-too, as my friend Lisa says, when it is pleasingly organized. Here's my latest, which is unimpressive but such an easy breezy beautiful little project.

Messipes Pouch.

My friend Megan shared with me this idea and I must give her proper salutes. I have a number of cookbooks and I regularly surf the world wide interweb for recipes. But I've been wanting a better place for the clip n' save recipes that I see in the newspaper. I know photo albums are a winning system but this works well for me right now.

I simply took an empty cereal box. Snip snip. Covered in pretty paper and slapped a label on it.

phase 1

Taped it to the cupboard for easy access. Would probably be smarter to tuck inside the cupboard but I didn't have the luxury of space nor the luxury of height ;)

phase 2

Slapped a label on that baby and voila! A place for all my recipe clippings for the making of messipes.