One Sweet Day

Not that we're keeping score, but today is the 10th anniversary of my first Valentine's Day with Lovey Loverpants in which he was confused by my verbiage and thought that when I said, "We are going out to dinner," I meant with him and not my roommates. This misunderstanding meant he drove 7 hours to my apartment in DC and was dressed in a BOWTIE awaiting my arrival so that we could go out to dinner.  Only, shoooooot!  I had just eaten!  With my roommates.  Don't you remember? So I ordered him a pizza and together we enjoyed it, he eating it, and me enjoying him in a bowtie.

To let the circle go unbroken, we celebrated tonight with a similar circular-shaped pie, only with Baby Girl (and, by extension, Wee En Utero Baby).  We all ate together this year, though, and that was sweet indeed.


Prior to that, though, there were CHOCOLATE BUFFETS to orchestrate, and this was perhaps one of my proudest feats in the kitchen to date.  I hosted a little Mary Kay showing of our new products (and still have a few gift bags and one of these gift boxes left if you are in the market, I'll send it your way with free shipping). To sweeten the deal, I offered my guests a self-guided tour of chocolate.  Somehow we all managed to find our way....


Chocolate Pretzel Tart



Homemade strawberry marshmallows


Made with help from Baby Girl



The world's largest shmallow


A glimpse of the buffet:


A few valentines made by Baby Girl and a gluestick:


A few of my sweethearts