Recommended: The Beach

Crystal clear water. Quartz crystal sand. And no bikini lines. We took a 3 day junket to Destin, Florida. We haven't filed our taxes yet (winnahs!) so we could not cash in yet on returns of any color. So we were keeping a tight budget on our first trip to experiencing the Gulf o' Mexico. Also, I believe it is important to use folksy Irish abbreviations any time they precede "Mexico."

It took us 6 hours to get there, and by that I really mean it took us 8. We didn't realize until our arrival that Little Man was running a fever, and not just spring fever but probably a legitimate temperature. He continued to run that high temp for the next couple of days, which means that he sat on our laps and napped like a sweet, helpless little mcnugget, and his total deflation of spirit is The Reason why some kindly elder woman approached me at the breakfast buffet and remarked, "You have such sweet children!" I love it when elders compliment you on your children. Even when you know it is because your kids are sapped of their usual primate behaviors due to a belly bug.

Some other really high moments of this mini-vacay:

1. The affirmation one feels in her life that she WOULD NOT no way no how trade places with the college gals on spring break, even with their smoking hot bikini bods and no toddlers to keep them from taking a long walk on the beach. The Mac Daddies who were trying to spit game were just...OMG I am so glad I am married to Loverpants.

2. Spending $20 on 3 whole items at the crewcuts oulet. Score x 3.

3. The bunk bed at the Holiday Inn, Destin.



4. Baby Girl playing Rapunzel on said bunk bed at the Holiday Inn, Destin.


5. Meeting Johnny Law of Alabama. The state police officer who issued the speeding ticket to us in Montgomery County was all that I expected and more in an Alabama state police officer.

6. Seeing Alabama. It really is a beautiful state.

7. Watching a whole lot of "Holmes Inspection." Is there anyone else who thinks there is something superheroic about a craggy-faced guy in overalls determined to make it right?

8. Upholding a tradition.


(July 2009)


9. Not going during high tourist season.

10. This foursome. So much luff.