Today I'm thinking heavily about housing. I'm remembering last night when we four in the FamiLee were sitting on our front porch watching the storm roll in and then our landlord ran over and probably thought, Who are these idiot Yankees without cable that have no idea that a twister is less than 5 minutes away? He scuttled us into his basement where his wife and four daughters were huddled around the TV. We're watching the doppler and the eye of the storm is headed right for our street and I'm thinking how I left my cellphone back at our house and then I thought, oh wait, all of my important belongings are right here in this room. Then our landlord said, "We need a prayer!" And he prayed for safety for all. The storm passed. It touched down about a mile from our home. It took other homes. It ripped off roofs. It mangled huge trucks.

Little Man pooped.

While we were watching the Doppler, Little Man delivered a righteous surprise in his diaper.

Later, when we got to go back home, I gave thanks that we did, that we got to go back to the home that was still in tact and change a little boy on the changing pad where I always change him.

It was one of the singular moments in life that one thanks her kid for having an untimely poop so that she could be reminded of the important things in life.

I'm also thinking heavily upon our housing in Boston that will likely be listed for sale this weekend. We're trusting that God will work a miracle with that property, that it will sell somehow even though mortgage lenders aren't dolling out the big dollars. We have faith because the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away and sometimes that means taking away our burdens.

Thanks be to our Shelter in this Storm, ever more real, ever more caring in our lives. God be with those who are starting the long road to repairing home and heart right now. God is still bigger than the biggest storm. Take heart.