Review: Breakfast at Milk & Honey #CHA

I am no newbie to the NoSho's newbie neighbor Milk & Honey. It is possible that I am so addicted to the mid-century modern atmosphere of M&H that one might mistake me for an actual NoSho neighbor. I am there at least weekly. At least. Oh gosh, I practically asked for an application the last time I was there so I could get paid to hang. But I do not actually live very close to the Northshore at all. Sadpants for so many reasons. Probably best since I am no longer in high school and won't work for $7.50 an hour or whatever the ice creamerias are paying the kids these days. Anyway. We treated my husband, the father of my children, to a Father's Day breakie at Milk & Honey. I wasn't expecting anything crazy because the menu options did not appear to be vast or wildly innovative. I was just hoping for some Sunday morning counter time, some sunny warmth on our shoulders and good food in front of us, and some cute neighborhood puppies at our feet.

How often do we get EXACTLY what we want?

The breakfast was as affordable as it was delightful. The lox and bagels were just the thing. The bagel had a nice hardy crust (do bagels have crusts?) and was dense enough to support a really honest couplet of lox, cream cheese, capers, herbs. Fresh fruit on the side. $7 says lovely.


My kids split the french toast--three very large pieces of challah sprinkled with powdered sugar, with syrup on the side. The portion was more than enough for my chipmunks. Very nicely cooked.

I want to give you a tip here and it's going to be quick so don't miss it. Iced Coconut Latte. Did you catch that? I will repeat it just once more. Iced Coconut Latte. You're welcome.

milk n honey

Milk & Honey is a place for scenesters and dog-walkers and everyone in between. Expect a line and expect to sit tight with strangers. I've also noticed, however, that at any hour of the day (see also: addict) if you wait ten minutes, the line is sure to die down. So don't let the crowd you see at first keep you from stopping for breakie. Pet somebody's dog, memorize the gelato flavors, and soon you'll be at the front of the line.

Service this past Sunday was friendly as always (those kids are so patient and cheerful) and a little uneven. I usually find that the flow behind the counter is so scattered (I think they might be busy swatting the honeybees?) that they usually get at least one small thing wrong. But they are always lovely about it and make haste to make it right. Small instead of Large coffee is still first world problems here, though, no great shakes. Everyone left happy, full and caffeinated, smelling of milk and honey.

milk n honey