Reviews at Random

It's leaf peepin' season here in New England, the BoSawx are in the championships, Baby Girl is helping us clean the floor with all of her crawling, and we've got visitors in tow for a weekend of good weather, cider drinkin' and possibly a pumpkin patch or two. What's not to love about this glorious season? Here are a few other things I'm McLovin':

- The Asparagus White Bean Pesto Tart over at Vegan Yum Yum. Mine needed a touch more salt, but let me know how yours turns out, will you?

- Tom Wolfe and Truman Capote. The syllabus for one of my classes calls for both, and I dig these literati, I really do.

- Making birthday presents from hand. Pictured is a bulletin board I made for a 1st birthday girl. She thought there was a present inside, but it's cool, maybe it will be the gift that keeps giving (and being unwrapped) :) IMG_2561

- Building forts in the living room. You gotta start 'em young.


- Going apple picking. Or just sitting on the wet grass and watching all the other kids pick apples and having a barrel of laughs instead of a barrel of apples and not payin' no mind.

IMG_2575 IMG_2573

- Getting invited to fall open houses and being welcomed with an 8 month-old, especially because there would be another 8 month old there ~ holla! (Please disregard way Baby Girl is straddling J-Man).


- Trick-or-treating in the comforts of home.

IMG_2581 IMG_2583