Setting the Record Straight

The lead writer and co-editors of Kendraspondence, otherwise known as Kendra, Lovey Loverpants, and Baby Girl, have, at times, been blessed with the company of our faithful readers. These same readers have at times commented that site headquarters appear different than as depicted from pictures posted on the internet. So, in an effort to avoid further disappointing or misleading our readers who may become our future visitors, we earnestly attempt to set the record straight. Let us dispel any further falsehoods about ourselves or our lifestyle...

1.) TRUE: Kendra does indeed suffer from SAD and undergoes daily light treatments in the basement:

2.) FALSE: We are good neighbors. mischevious

3.) FALSE: Baby Girl is our only child. She is just the only one we typically allow ourselves to be photographed with, but there are some exceptions.

Kalev, Kendra, Hannah

4.) FALSE: We live in the city. We live close to the city. But not so urbane that we don't have somewhere to park our John Deere.


5.) FALSE: Lovey Loverpants has not appeared on TV. He is actually the token Asian on "Laguna Beach: Season One."

6.) FALSE: Speaking of token Asians, Loverpants is the only Asian Kendra has ever dated. There were a few other suitors, but none were as charming nor had Women's Studies bibliographies floating around their dorm rooms. That sort of sealed the deal for K and LL.


7.) TRUTH: Lovey Loverpants has had some cosmetic surgery. To remove the obelisk jutting out of his skull.


8.) TRUTH: Kendra has dyslexia.

venus and kendra

9.) FALSE: Men cannot wear haltertops.

apron halter?

10.) TRUTH: Kendra is Korean.